Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Hey girls!

Do y'all ever go to Foxfields or the Carolina Cup??

Well let me just tell you! I went to the cup last year and had the time of my life! At the time, I was dating a Sigma Chi at NC State, and we went together! It was so much fun! We were with all of the fraternities and sororities, and we just walked around (barefoot) all day. Because my boyfriend and all of his friends went to State, and I went to Meredith, I didnt know a single soul at first! After we got there though, and I got tired of not knowing anyone, I started introducing myself to people, and I ended up making some great friends. There were like 6 of us that just wandered around all day long! We saw everything, accept a horse...but who cares about horses!
This year sadly, I wont be at the Cup because it is the same day as Mother Daughter Tea! Reguardless, I would much rather spend the day with my mom, and meeting my friends moms then spending it at the Cup. Because last year was so much fun, I really dont want to go a year without a horse race, so some of the girls from school and I are planning to attend Foxfields in Virginia. I have GOT to find a cute hat. If anybody has any good ideas of where to get one, they are welcome!

Also, if any of you are going to be at Foxfields, See ya there! :)


k said...

see you there! i will be the blonde in the straw hat and this dress: http://www.ckbradley.com/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=0_5&products_id=319

preppypearlgirl said...

YAY! So glad to hear someone else will be there, ill be in a Lilly Ribbon Dress its strapless with a white straw hat! Hope to see you!

Liz said...

Maryland has a steeplechase every Saturday in April with the biggest being Hunt Cup on the 26th every year. I know that is a little far but they are really fun! There is also a great one in September too.

Preppy Wedding said...

You are going to have SO, SO much fun at Foxfields. My lil sister is a Carolina girl and we used to argue about whether Carolina Cup or Foxfields was more fun.

I'll be there this year, but I'll be in the alum section. We finally decided that we were too old for frat/srat row :)