Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Hey girls!!

I have gotten so many great messages about the whale stickers, and I want to apologize to anyone that did not get one because unfortunately, I just ran out! I put in an order for more, and probably even some croakies and koozies too! I will keep you all posted and I am so sorry for those of you who I can't get stickers too!

I didn't have class until 3:30 today so I had myself a little 1st season Desperate Housewives Marathon! I did that and homework all day long! I just love the 1st season more then any other season, it is so funny! I always wanted to be Bree, not so much now because her life sucks, but just her class, and the way she comes off is so perfect! (I've even seen her in some Lilly!!) My mom reminds me of Lynette, haha she has 3 kids, and I am sure we were all a handful.

When I was young, the 3 of us weren't even allowed to have candy after 7 until I was 9, actually until we found out I was ADHD! Once that was established it was HELLO snicker bars! Finally!

I think everyone can relate to one of the housewives!

Does anybody else watch that show? The last one I saw was when Lynette found out her family was not dead because of the earthquakes. That poor woman!! First they got her shot in the grocery store, then they gave her cancer (which those were hard episodes to watch...cancer is sad!) then they almost killed her family in an earthquake...shes a tough girl!

I hope everyone has a great day!!

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