Thursday, July 31, 2008

Drs Appointments, and Teenage Boys

Hey girls!

So I have gotten some e-mails, and YAY, im finally getting my MRI tomorrow! I was suppossed to have it last week, but I was late so I had to reschedule! Oh well, really my headaches have started to get less and less painful. I am really thinking it was an allergy, I go back in a week for the results.

I went to the lake tonight to have dinner with my Nana, aunts, uncles, cousins before everyone goes their separate ways because summer is ending. It was so much fun! My aunt is expecting and she is starting to celebrate, I wanted to go buy a lottery ticket haha...well okay so it wasnt to celebrate but thats a good enough reason right!
Honestly I am shocked shes having a baby, its crazy! Also, we were swimming in the pool and my aunt told us a rabid fox was on the loose and attacked a good friend of the families! Haha, im sorry, but that must suck!
Thats so scary, I usually walk that road, but I guess not anymore!

Then I got home and as always my brother had like 10 boys over, and to be honest it gets so annoying. Dont get me wrong, they are nice boys but they park in our driveway and make themselves way to at home! It gets old! One of his friends I absolutely love! He is great and he stays with us alot. I can handle that because he is like another brother to me, but the other ones are just wild and I just wish they would pick another house, atleast until I leave for school. Neither of my parents really care that everyone is here, but I do because its never quiet! Teenage boys are hard to deal with!

On a lighter note, today at work I didnt know what to do with the kids.
I am so sick of all of the profanity and fighting so I decided to have a "Lifetime Day!"
I took my laptop, downloaded a Lifetime Movie, and we all watched the movie until the lunch truck came!
They loved it! I was so happy!
I love the group of kids I have this week, they are all really sweet and alot of fun, and they like Lifetime...what a great group!

I hope everyone is having a great Thursday!


Kate said...

I love that you had them watch a Lifetime movie! I am a big Lifetime movie fan (I especially love some of the older scary ones-I don't know why!)

Becs said...

I hope all is well and you find out soon why you are not feeling well. Funny about all the teenage boys, they are loud and eat a lot. Good idea to watch a lifetime movie with the kids, showed them another side of life! Best, Becs

LJB said...

katie! i happened across your blog and was pleasantly surprised to see that it was you!! i miss you, i'm glad i saw this so i can stay updated...please let me know if you come to chapel hill sometime in the near future! love, lacey

LovesPINKandPEARLS said...

i hope the MRI went great today! ive been praying for you :)

Little Bow Prep said...

I hope your MRI went well.

As for Lifetime movies- they are rather awesome.