Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day Weekend!

Hey girls!

Labor Day was so much fun this year! My mom, sister, and I just shopped the whole weekend away! We found some great stuff, if you are near a Banana Republic or an Anthropoligie, GO! The stuff is so cute right now! ALSO, I found a cute suit at Ann Taylor Loft, one is a tweed dress suit, and then a houndstooth pencil skirt. (both for work!) We went all around Charlotte and it was a full weekend. Then we rearranged the whole house, and are slowly getting things the way my mom wants them! It looks so great so far! I walked in when I got home from school and it was so nice and fresh, it was like a new house haha! I always get excited when stuff gets redone, or just little things get changed! I love to decorate and paint!

My dad came home one night to see me before I went back and that was nice to see him. I think hes working in Raleigh one day next week too so who knows, I might see him again soon! On Sunday, we went to SC to watch my cute nephew get baptized...I LOVED their church! Their preacher dressed up and acted out a play for his sermon, also he was so handsome (can I say that? oh well I just did!)

Then we went back to my Uncle and Aunts with everyone for a big lunch, I love holidays!

My Grandmother rode with us, and I love the woman but my gosh I think its time for a hearing aid! I have never had to repeat myself so many times, she kept asking,
"Katie why is it so hard to get into UNC?"
I wanted to say,
"For the 18th time I didn't apply there,, thanks for asking!"
but of course, that's just not a nice thing to say so over and over I just kept saying,
"I didn't apply so i'm not sure!"
Apparently a good family friend of ours got rejected but had a great record.
Stuff happens, there are tons of schools out there! I could have never set my sights on just one, what pressure! I am so happy at the school I am at, its so perfect for me!

Now I am at News 14 and there's not a lot to do today! We are watching Hurricane storm footage and oh my gosh! It is just awful! I told my roommates, how cool would it be if there was a camera set up on the beach...I really just want to see the waves!
I once bought a video of Hurricane Floyd from The Blockade Runner at Wrightsville Beach and I was watching it and you heard all of these people saying,
"Oh there goes another huge wave, and another roof! AHHH"
Well, im sorry I didn't see that because the camera was apparently in front of a boarded window while the "video" was being filmed haha!

I would just love to see the waves, I do feel so bad for all of the people! That would be so hard. I still think anything to do with storms on the water is really cool though, more so if nobody gets hurt! My favorite thing to watch is lightning on the water!

I had to re download itunes last night because we got new laptops and I forgot to back up my music (400 songs!! whoops!) but its nice because now I can start over and any trace of illegal music I "might" have downloaded is gone! I downloaded these 12 songs that I just can't stop playing!

1. Here I am- Rick Ross

2. Disturbia- Rihanna

3. All Around Me- Flyleaf

4. Champion- Kanye West

5. Break The Ice- Britany Spears

6. American Boy- Kanye West

7. A Milli- Lil Wayne

8. Aint No Mouintain High Enough- Marvin Gaye

9. One Step At A Time- Jordin Sparks

10. I Wanna Dance With Somebody- Whitney Houston

11. Viva La Vida- Coldplay


I love love love rap music, the words are so gross, but the beat is so good! Apparently I don't look like I like rap, but oh I do!

AND Mamma Mia, does that need an explanation, its so good! I still need to see the movie!
Here are a few things I found, I dont have time to post everything! Have fun shopping!


klcstar said...

Hi, I've been reading your blog and a few others for a few months now and finally decided to start one of my own! Just wanted to stop by and introduce myself and say hello! I hope it's ok that I added you to my blog roll :)


Kate said...

I spent the whole weekend shopping too. So fun!

I have some of those songs and love them. I will have to check out the others :)

Clara Belle said...

i'm the same way with rap! I cannot stand the lyrics, but the more hardcore the better. It freaks my friends out (to tell you the truth it freaks me out too!)
I love-love-love your blog!