Monday, June 22, 2009

My MOMS Coming!!

Hey girls!

2nd post of the day, I know!
I am so excited! My sweet mother is coming to visit me on Thursday, and I am so ready to see her!
We havent seen each other since May 26th, and Lord knows I am so used to talking to her atleast once a day! Since I have been here, we are lucky to talk once a week!

I dont work Thursdays, so I am hoping she flies in early so we can lunch, and I can show her where I work, and we can also do some shopping!

I am trying to make a list of stuff I really want to do while she is here!
-Eat dinner, and drink wine at one of my usual spots near 12th and 2nd! She will just love it!
-Take the Subway to where I work, and walk around!
-Go sightseeing, especially by taking another tour of St. Patrick's Cathedral!
-Have our usual "vent" sessions about any and everything, good and bad, over a glass of cold white wine! Usually its "Porch Time", but we arent in the South anymore, so we will have some kind of "time" with wine somewhere!
-Take her to the building where I interviewed for David Letterman, and show her around
-Possibly hit Canal St just for fun, but not a must!
-Get our nails done!

Any ideas? I am sure we will play it by ear, we always have a great time no matter what we are doing, but I cant wait to show her what all I have seen and done!

Thursday come quickly!


Preppy 101 said...

Have fun!! Do y'all have time to see a play?

Elizabeth said...

Yay for your mom coming! I know you must be SO excited!! :)