Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I Love Crazy Mondays!

Hey girls!

Oh, yesterday! What a great day!

It was absolutely beautiful all day long in the City! I loved every minute of it!

I took the Subway to work around 9, and then proceeded to walk my usual 4 blocks passing all of the beautiful people and buildings I see each day! Sometimes, I pass dogs that are decked out in more name brands than I can count on 2 hands, its beautiful! Or, sometimes, like last Tuesday, a dog does its business a little too close to my Lilly Flats...watch out bitches, I dont play when it comes to my shoes! All in all though, the upper east side is a beautiful place with beautiful people and things...I LOVE IT!
I always see cute kids in their Lacoste, Burberry, or Vineyard Vines with smiles on their faces about whatever they may be doing! Lastly, I see so many friendly faces that I exchange waves with each morning! Basically the walk on the Upper East Side makes my day!

We have meetings all day today, and I am so excited about it!

Last night was another adventure!
So, M texted me right as I was about to order cheap Chinese food and do laundry to see if I had dinner yet! I was so excited, it would be fun to go out and get something, and hear about his job!
We made plans to grab dinner around 7:30, and meet in the lobby.
Well, two of my BFF's, as we call each other, called to see if I had made plans yet because they wanted to go into Hell's Kitchen! I just couldn't say no, because everyone is just so much fun, so we all met and went to dinner!
Before dinner, we were walking down a busy street, and I was talking to M and J when out of nowhere, some SOB on his "trick bike" was racing the street trying to make the light!
We clearly had the "walk" sign!
I was so into my conversation, so hell if I noticed Lance Armstrong coming toward me!
All of the sudden, I hear J scream "KATIE DONT DIE!!!"
I looked to my left, I see J's face in shock ready to catch my body that would soon fly through the air!
I looked to my right, I see, 2 Lance Armstrong wannabes racing on their bikes, and they don't see me!
I screamed at the top of my lungs, frozen in shock, (not because I might get hit and break a bone, but more so that...I MIGHT GET HIT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD AND FALL)and hello, that's embarrassing!
I looked real cute screaming "OH MY GOSH" In the prissiest girly voice!
Then, BFF pushed me out of the way!
(This all happened in like a 3 second interval!)
Let me tell you what, I was sweatin' like a hooker in Church when that was all said and done!
I was lookin a hot mess! My newly done "beehive ponytail" was now...just a ponytail...:(
The bikers were really sweet and were like Ahh oh gosh, we didnt see you, because it really wasnt THAT big of a deal! We were all dying laughing, and lord knows I needed a drink after all that! J and my reactions were priceless! Oops!

Oh, but that was just the beginning!

Then, after looking at 3 menus, we finally decided on a great Italian place!
M and I split a dessert. It was this awesome chocolate cake with mint chocolate chip ice cream! SOO GOOD! He also paid for my dinner, which I totally didn't expect! That was really sweet of him! He was joking as always and was like "this dinner date really blossomed!" Which, yeah it did, but I was glad everyone went! It gives me more time to get to know him!
After dinner, he left because he works extremely early, but the girls and I stayed around and talked for about 2 hours. I ws so excited because both of these new friends go to schools very close by home!

Okay, off to a meeting in a few minutes!

I will post more later, have a great Tuesday!


Princess Freckles said...

I cannot believe she got two tattoos! Thats nuts!

Sounds like a great night though! Glad you avoided certain death by bicycle! :)

Jules said...

oh my god....i hope that will never happen to me!!

But by the way, Dearest pearl I really love your blog and hope you will keep it going for a long time. Good luck and all the best

QueenBeeSwain said...

he is handsome, isn't he?! I've had the fortune of meeting him before and oh my what butterflies I had when he locked eyes with me. swoon!


Ned said...

She will be so sorry she got the tattoos! Love reading about your summer adventure.