Monday, June 22, 2009

LOVE the Ferry, HATE the Island!

Hey girls!
Yesterday was a wild day to say the absolute least! K and I woke up at noon, well actually, lately I have been waking up at 5:15 because of what I can only assume are night terrors due to the obease, gassy neighbor that lives next door...I just cant sleep for a full night without waking up to his hacking at 5 in the morning, or his daily showers at 5,7,8,9, and midnight! Sketchy fool, but hey it takes all kinds...
Anyways, after I woke up, I turned on LMN because it was pouring rain outside!
Normally, every Saturday and Sunday K and I go sightseeing in a new spot that we havent seen yet, but the weather here has been just awful, so we decided to catch up on sleep instead!
Then, and as much as I hate to say this, I have to...I realized how overwhelmed I have become with living in New York City! It has more perks than I could count in a year, but as far as some things go, I am so overwhelmed.
One reason that I felt so overwhelmed yesterday was because the weather here is just depressing sometimes! Although when its pretty, its truly beautiful, but the rain, just sucks!

Eventually, I got up and got ready and we went to walk around the Fashion District, which was amazing by the way! I saw the Danskin factory, which are like my FAVORITE brand of leggins, so I was sure glad I knew where to find it!
Just putting it out there, I was looking for a cute place to get lunch...I am always eating, and I was starving! Eventually, we found a cute restaurant! That made my day so much better, because the food was so so good!
Later on, I was planning on going to the Art Museum with M, because he asked me earlier that morning to go around 3. I am a big fan of art, but let me just tell you what! I do NOT know how to interpret it like some people, I see what I see with my own 2 eyes and I go for it. Most of the time, ill see like a bobcat, and somebody else sees a village full of people, its embarassing, so I steer clear but since I am just getting to know M, im game for whatever!
Well, K and I decided that since the rain eventually looked like it was going to stop, we wanted to take the Staten Island Ferry and see what that was like! Also, we decided we were going to go to the Staten Island Mall, to the Ann Taylor! HELLO, Art Museum, or Ann Taylor...simple!
I called M to tell him, and he agreed to go with us! I was so excited because it seemed like it was going to be such a fun day full of shopping, drinking, and a "classic boat tour" with all of NYC, because, well, its a free ferry and hello our economy sucks so its an easy way to keep the kids entertained on a budget!
No, but in all seriousness, I was on a mission for a new little black dress, and I really really wanted to see Staten Island! The ferry ride was gorgeous, but everyone and their mother rode on it that day!

While we were waiting to board, I got myself a s'more poptart and a diet coke, which yet again, made my day! Then, I took some pictures!

I was praying it didnt rain, because M kept picking on me about not going to the museum, and he just knew it was going to rain on the way to the island...we would see about that! :) Eventually, yes it did rain...oops!

On the ferry, we all stood out on one of the decks, and just took it all in! It was beautiful for the first 15 minutes, but then we looked over near the dock we left from, and it was actually really cool, I could see the rain over there, and it was inevitable, the rain was going to catch up to us! I had to act fast and take pictures of the double view! I know this is fairly common to see, but it was such a great view!
Once the rain began, everyone hauled ass inside to get out of the cold! We were all pushing trying to get a seat inside, but eventually after the hostility passed and we all (most of us) had a seat, we all had a good laugh from almost busting our asses on the deck!
It was actually a lot of fun!
Then, when we got off the ferry, we went straight to the snack shop, because I needed my starburst, and then of course to the bus stop! This was an adventure in itself, and as you can see from the pictures, the bus stop reminded us of a prison, seriously, Alcatraz! It was sketch, the only people in site were sleeping on the benches, but really, its okay, I wanted to stand! I didnt know where I was, but I was scared! I would never want to be there at night! Lookin' like a scene from Madea Goes To Jail...SKETCH!
Once we got on the bus, it stopped about 5 minutes up the road and I smiled and exclaimed "y'all, we could have walked this!"
OH boy, did I speak too soon! We were on that bus for another 45 minutes, and seriously, there just wasn't much to look at!
It was a really funny bus ride, I mean we just had to laugh, if we didnt want to cry...
First, we saw a big fat guy riding this Stuart Little sized scooter, which broke down in the middle of the street, and then we saw the bus almost hit a Mercedes, and the drivers face was priceless (in the Mercedes of course!), and lastly on the bus we saw a guy driving down the road...on his lawnmower!!
SO interesting, SO classy!
Once we got to the mall, we walked a good mile from the bus stop, and got in a good leg, hip, and thigh workout... hence why I MISS MY CAR SO MUCH! hahaha
We got inside, and were looking for the Ann Taylor when...we saw!
"Ann Taylor is closed today due to A Store Wide Power Outage!"
Okay, HELL NO! I really needed a new sundress, esp after almost sitting in gum, spit, and what I can only assume to be smeared peanut butter in my close by seat...Lord help me!
As we were walking out, I stepped in a huge puddle, and got someones nasty used cigarette butt stuck between my sandal and my foot...yes I know, DISGUSTING!
M was laughing at me, because I have probably stepped in every puddle in NYC, I am just not good at spotting them! He always yells PUDDLE when he sees one, very helpful for a girl like me!
Then, we got back on the bus and went back to the ferry, only...when we got back to our original bus stop, they told us bus pick-up was across the street!

Since apparently someone stole the public bench at the bus pick-up, K and I were forced against our will to sit on a big, nasty rock. In the 30 minutes we were PATIENTLY waiting at this fine example of a bus stop, we saw some crazies! i.e. an alcoholic hugging his bottle of jack, a homeless man with a Costco shopping cart, and, an unknown animal!
Also, we saw some nice graffiti, reading "FU" and "Candi <3 Steve. I hope they are still happy together, because graffiti cant be undone people!
Here are some pictures from the other nights adventures!
The first guy was a friends roommate, he was too funny! He can tie a necktie, and I can tie a bowtie, so he taught me how to tie a necktie...I nearly strangled him, so we stopped lessons early and decided maybe another time! haha!
The second picture was just for fun!
Here are some pictures from our Staten Island Adventure!

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Preppy 101 said...

Wow. Talk about Gray Skies - goodness. Another exciting weekend in the city! So glad you are getting to experience all these crazy things!! Have a great week!