Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Im In Love With Sam Champion!

Hey girls!

Okay! SO SO SO much to update y'all on! Its been a great few days, and so much has been happening! For all of y'all who keep telling me to write a book...here it is! I hope you have some time!

So, to start out, this past weekend my friends from home came to the big city to visit K and I! We were so excited that they were able to come, as it has been forever and a day since we have all seen each other! They were scheduled to arrive last Wednesday, but unfortunately it was storming really bad, so of course their planes were delayed and then canceled!
Poor girls! They both spent long days in the airport!
K was giving me updates every hour, and they were too funny! She said she would board the plane, then have to get off, and this went on for hours! She saw everything from a 50 year old cougar hitting on a 20 something guy, to nuns in isle 3 prayin for a safe landing! Looks like they got one, the plane never even took off!
They finally got here on Thursday afternoon!

Since they didn't arrive that Wednesday, K and I took advantage of a FREE open bar with some good friends of ours from the New Yorker!
First, H suggested that we all go get pizza, which worked out great because at that point the skies were clear, and we walked a few blocks to one of our favorite spots! It was actually the first spot K and I got pizza when her parents were here! Its SO good!
After we ate pizza, we saw that it was pouring rain outside, and OMG my hair and make up was exactly how I wanted it that day...seriously thats a first, and UGH it was bound to get messed up! Well, we all elected our friend Max, because he hardly has hair to mess up, to fetch us a cab! Eventually, we couldnt get one and so we decided to suck it up and walk up the street! I was going up to every minivan cab that I could find! They either pulled off, or wouldn't take 5 of us! Eventually, K got a cab, and I begged the guy to take 5...he did and we finally got to the bar. We were all looking real pretty, I was ready for that open bar to say the least!
Once we got in, I ordered a G & T and we all got a booth! My friend H brought one of her friends, J and she was crazy! I looked over once and she had a drink, I looked over 5 minutes later and she was hoarding 5 drinks and yelling at her mother saying,
This was my cue to put down my drink, because umm, I dont want to associate myself with that behavior! Apparently someone has never heard to simple social drinking, some of us just have to have it all!
Then, J decided that she would bring over the ugliest, most socially awkward guy in the bar to talk to me. No offense to the poor thing, he could have said something about me too im sure, but this guy was just not my type! He was just, wow, really sweet I hope! She came back over 5 minutes later, throws her arms around us and said,
"Hows the match made in Heaven?"
Are you serious, J?! Really?
I promptly got up, and caught myself a cab! I could not believe how drunk this girl was! At this point, my friends hid one of her drinks...she only had 8 sitting there untouched! She realized one was missing and FREAKED out! I really think she must be an alcoholic! I've seen it first hand, and really dont care to see her again!

Well, the next day I went to work! It was a beautiful Thursday in the city and we had a client meeting with a very upscale gym on the Upper East Side! It went very well, and the owner told me he loved my accent! He was very sweet, and I truly hope he chooses to be represented by our company! I got business cards with my name on them last week, so I got to give him one! I felt so professional!
After the meeting, our sweet boss took us to lunch at my favorite restaurant, Sarabeth's!
It was so good!
After Sarabeth's, JL texted me and said her and K had landed and I was so excited I could have screamed!

I proceeded to take the subway and go meet them at the stop!

On Friday, we decided to go and walk through Times Square and buy play tickets! We looked at "9 to 5", and then "The West Side Story", but my mother has seen Mamma Mia and has always told me that I would love it so we went there too because K and I have been wanting to see that for a while! We ended up buying tickets for the 8 o'clock show! I was so excited!

The next day, we decided to go to Bleeker St. because there are cute shops, and it is just a great area in NYC!
Well, we were walking down the street, and pass the Equinox Gym!
All of the sudden, I heard a familiar voice...and NO WAY!
It was the love of my life!

Okay, so I saw him, and did a doubletake. All of the sudden, all of the girls had already crossed the street, but I was just awestruck! I mean the love of my life, the real life Ken Doll, the Weatherman whose always right was right in front of my very eyes!

I was just staring at him with my pineapple eyes as he talked to his fellow gym friends in his tight white spandex shorts, and his muscle gripping tee shirt! Not that I was looking, but you know, how could I not!?

All of the sudden, I decided it was my chance to introduce myself! I walked right up to him, and said,
"Hi! Are you Sam Champion?!"
He said,
"Hey!! Yes I am, whats your name?!"
I told him who I was, and we shook hands!
I told him it was great to meet him, I watch him every day, he is the perfect weather man!
I was gonna leave after that because he was with people, and I had been rude and interuppted, but no!
He started asking me what I was doing in NYC, if this was the best day ever, and how long I was in the city!
I told him that I was going into news as well, and my story! He told me,
"You're a pretty girl, get out of PR or nobody will take you seriously once you go into news! You can definitly make it in news, I can see you have what it takes!
Then he asked what all I had done with my work so far!
I told him everything, but quickly, and then he said,
"I will definitly be seeing you back here in a few years, keep your focus, and stay in news!"
I shook his hand again, and thanked him!
He gave me so much advice, and actually took the time to talk to me! I was the happiest girl in the whole world in those 5 minutes!
We took a picture on my phone, which he told me he hates the Blackberry Storm, but thats okay he can hate whatever he wants!
I cant believe I met him! I really really love him on Good Morning America! I was/am shocked because everytime I tell someone that I met Sam Champion, they have no idea who im talking about!
Thank you Sam Champion for your advice, I cant wait to use it!

After that, I couldnt stop smiling! I totally meant to tell him I met Kelly Ripa because she loves him too!

In fact, go to the Regis and Kelly website and watch Kelly's Holiday favorites! Its hailarious what she says!

That night, we went to this great place called like Schnippers Quality Kitchen in the old New York Times building! It was so freakin good! In front of us in line there was a guy around our age with seriously the best head of hair I have EVER seen! He also had on the sharpest suit, and blue eyes that could kill! He was looking at all of us, I guess because we were all dressed up too, and then throughout dinner we noticed that he had bodyguards with him, and he was somebody! We couldnt figure out who, but then once they left we saw them walk into the nearby Hilton and there were 3 black suburbans with security in them! AHH! Who knows who he was!?

After that, we headed to Mamma Mia! It was seriously the best play I have ever seen in my life! I couldnt help but dance with my friend, H, in the isles! It makes the movie look awful, and the movie is amazing!
The actors were amazing! Sky in the play was so much better looking then Sky in the movie! He was seriously gorgeous! Also, Amanda Seyfred, and the actress in the play sounded just alike! Peirce Brosnans character in the play had a MUCH better voice than Peirce did in the movie...thank God! Also the mother in the play was the most amazing singer! It was amazing! I really would love to see it again someday!

Have a great Tuesday!


Emily Elizabeth said...

I loove loove loove Mama Mia! Sounds like a great adventure! I am a new reader and blogger! Can't wait to read more :)

Headbands and Hand Bags said...

What a fun few days with friends! Mamma Mia is one of my all time favorite shows on Broadway!