Thursday, August 6, 2009

Tucker Blair!

Hey girls!

The wonderful PR guy at Tucker Blair e-mailed me the other day! As campus representative, and long time Tucker Blair representative on my blog, I decided to do a little post in honor of this spectacular brand! I personally love the needle point headbands, and belts for men! Enjoy reading!

The company specializes in impeccably hand-made needlepoint products, including headbands, traditional and children’s belts, flip-flops, dog collars, and key fobs! What defines the Tucker Blair label is balance of style and affordability.

After graduating from Colgate University and settling into the monotonous lifestyle notorious to corporate America, Tucker Blair CEO, Taylor Llewellyn, made the life-changing decision to pursue the launch of accessories label Tucker Blair. He says, “Corporate America got old, real quick.” As a man who always valued the art of needlepoint belts, Taylor set out to create a more affordable version for he and his friends to enjoy without the interference of the common brick and mortar store.

By cutting out the “middleman” that makes the prices of today’s accessories exorbitant, Taylor utilizes personal relationships overseas established during his month-long journey to Asia. While there, he discovered many ways to make his products more affordable while still using high-quality materials like 100% wool yarn, tight petit point stitching, and full grain leather. This means looking chic, with money to spare in your pocket; not the corporation’s!

What Tucker Blair has already mastered is the duality of luxury and affordability with its innovative business model founded on its “Classically Casual” motto. We are now living in an economic time where the luxury of visiting one’s haberdashery for their accessories is scarce. Today, a product’s affordability overshadows the luxury one should expect from such a high-grade product. At Tucker Blair, one can return to the days of luxury without breaking the bank!

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I own a number of the needle point headbands and LOVE them so much!

Have a great Thursday!

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