Friday, June 19, 2009

9 to 5!

Hey girls!

So I will start from a few nights ago! It was the Lauren Conrad book signing at Barnes and Nobles in Tribecca. Kt, K, J, and I got there at 7, because our sweet boss bought us the Lauren Conrad book and we were going to have her to sign it! When we got there, our boss said to look for her, but we couldn't find her in the line because there were like a million people, so we told the staff our PR boss was there, and she wanted us to stand with her.
Y'all seriously, within 10 minutes the staff at Barnes & Noble came out and said "girls, we dont see your boss in the PR room, but we are waiting for Laurens people, and we will let you know when to come back" HELLO! AHHH! That would have been amazing, but being the Christian I am, I just couldnt lie, also it wasnt like it was Jake Gyllenhaull or Kelly Ripa, I will save my PR connection for another time...also im sure it would have backfired, so we said our boss was just in line. After trecking through the enormous store numerous times, we found her in the back, and it was a 3 hour wait! Also, we didnt have bands so we couldnt go, not to mention I was sweating like a pig from all of the excitement so it was probably better that I didnt meet a celebrity on that given night! My boss, and Amanda stayed though, and THEY MET LC! That is so exciting, and I was so happy for them!
On the way, the 4 of us took the subway! In the subway, we were all dressed up and all of the sudden, this funny man came by and looked at me, and my other blonde friends, and said
"Hey SUNSHINE, I said I was homeless not blind! You all good lookin' gals!"
I was like...thanks a lot pal, keep walking!! This lady in front of me was like rolling her eyes and mumbling "dear Jesus" under her breath haha!!
Once we realized we weren't going to see LC, we went to a restaurant up the street where we saw Will Ferrel, and Poppy Motgomery!! (What a New York Miracle!)
Actually, okay, so it wasn't actually them, just look alikes!
I told the owner he looked just like Will Ferrel, and so he took a picture with us! Then the girl I thought was Poppy, the owner went up and asked her, and not only was she not Poppy, but she didnt know who Poppy was! AHH! Excuse me, do you not watch "Without A Trace"!?

It was a great night! I actually talked to my ex boyfriend James, who I have had a hard time getting along with lately because of just some misunderstandings. I swear it was an act of God that we got to talk, and now we are on great terms, and I still have this overwhelming sense of happiness that we are finally okay!

I know thats weird, but I needed to just talk it all out with him, we were and luckily are now back to being friends!

Yesterday, I had to go in the office, and I felt so professional! I wore my black suit, with a red top, and pearls and...MY NEW GLASSES!! AHHH! They look so dorky, but I freakin love them! They are brown frames, and square! I dont wear them all the time, but one of these days I will post a picture! I was in Heaven!

Then, on the way home from work, I met this nice lady on the Subway who was probably in her 50's. She gave me great tips for the city, and shes from the Upper East Side! I loved meeting her, and we talked for probably 15 minutes! What a great contact!! she was telling me about her cute apartment and how she was from Ohio, but loves the city, just a really good conversation! I love when I randomly meet new people, it gives life a whole new meaning when you can branch out lik that!

Last night, K's aunt and uncle came into the city and took us to this great restaurant called "The View" for dinner, which was just so good! I had the salmon, and OH MY GOSH, I just loved it!
After dinner, we went to see the Broadway show, "9 to 5" It was just one of the greatest plays I have ever seen! I absolutely loved it! Allyson Janney was amazing as the lead role, and then the girl that plays a Dolly Parton type looked and literally sounded just like her! It was such a great play, I truly recommend it to anyone who is looking into seeing a play, it is too cute! I liked it even more than Mary Poppins! Seriously, the music was so so good, and everyone preformed so well! It had great humor too, and it was very girly! I just loved it!

After the play, K and I had a nightcap with her aunt before we went back to our hotel! After hearing a gut wrenching scream, I saw trick daddy to my right had spilt his white wine all over his dates dress. Luckily he didnt make mistake number 2 by trying to wipe it off, instead she kept saying it was no big deal, and he wept with apologies, doesnt he know just to buy her another drink and life goes on?! It was too funny though because they handled the situation well, poor guy though, he looked so incredibly embarassed! We had so much fun just people watching and talking about NYC, It was one of my favorite nights in the city! So much fun!

Then, we took a cab back to the hotel, and I just had to get a midnight snack at McDonalds! I hate going in there, because to be honest, it freaks me out at night, but whatever! I needed my hamburger mighty kids meal, no questions asked, no jokes needed!
I mentioned I had a nightcap, so needless to say, I was a little tipsy on the way back. I was looking at my mightykids box when I noticed it was all about Ice Age...such a classic! I LOVE those freakin movies! In fact, to be specific it was pictures of all of the Ice Age characters! The mammoth was one of the animals, but my stupid self just wasnt thinking and said "is this a boar" and my roommate, with her jaw hanging down like "what the hell did you just say!?, " said, surprisingly nicely, "no, its a mammoth!" Then I proceeded to say, "I know what mammoths are, they are partially extinct!" I meant to say, they are extinct, I just couldn't get it out! She then goes "umm, Katie, they have been extinct, since the ice ages, hence ICE AGE the movie!"
I want to blame this on my blonde personality, but I just cant, so im blaming it on the nightcap and McDonalds...lets just stick to crossword puzzles on the box, and a toy inside, thanks!

Then, I was so happy, I was having the best night, and it got a little better when M came up! We planned to meet in the hotel restaurant for *another* nightcap, a margarita, but unfortunatly ( actually looking back, probably fortunatly for me) the hotel restaurant was closed! We ended up just standing in the hall and talking for like an hour or so! He has the best internship, and I love hearing about it! He is very smart, and we always have really good conversations about finance, and politics, oh and happy hour!

Tonight, a few of us are going to see "The Hangover" and then M and I are going to the "W Hotel" because someone he works with reserved a table, for drinks and orderves, im guessing! I am so excited!

Also, today I made my first trip to the cleaners, because 2 of my dresses need it, badly! M walked with me over there, and luckily because the weather here is nasty, he had a golf umbrella, huge so people let us through!

Oh my gosh, and heres another fun story!! So this morning, I was going to check the weather on, and much to my suprise, I saw that it would be "90 degrees and sunny!" YEAH! Finally a break from depressing weather! WOO HOO! Come to find out, much to my dismay, I accidently typed in Raleighs zipcode, so no, it was back to "60 and rainy". YUCK! Oh well, im getting more used to it though, and its not so bad!

Have a great Saturday!

Here are some pictures from the night of the booksigning, and the will Ferrel look alike!

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KK said...

It sounds like you are having a fabulous time! I love love Allyson Janney- that show looks so great!