Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Morning, Sunshine!

Hey girls!

Oh my gosh, I am loving work today!

I wore my favorite outfit! Granted, it is not very "New Yorkish..." more preppy, hence why I love it! I wore my Brooks Brothers Baby Blue Oxford Shift Dress, Ralph Lauren Pearls (that T and L gave me to remember my Southern roots :)), White Polo Cardigan (tied around shoulders!), Lilly Pulitzer straw and pink flats, Louis Vuitton Purse, and Louis Vuitton Laptop Bag! (Yes, purse is from Canal St.) but it holds everything! LOVE IT!
I wish my ears were pierced so that I could have worn pearl earrings!

I rarely ever post outfits, because I dont know that website that everyone uses to pair outfits for their blog posting (if y'all know it, fill me in! :))

Anyways, so the plan for tonight is KARAOKE! Apparently, since I have been out of the loop, Tuesday nights are the new Karaoke nights, so like I said in my last post...M and I are gearing up to sing "Don't Stop Believin'! (GLEE Version!)

Also, the Countess is having a book signing tonight at Bloomingdale's in the LILLY section!

Have a great Tuesday!


CarolinaPrep said...

Hey don't feel bad I just got my parents to grab me a Louis from Canal Street when they last went up to NYC. And I believe the site everyone uses for their outfits is polyvore. I would love to keep seeing all the preppy outfits you wear! :)

The Cool Commentator said...


I have just finished the big old blog post of some of the highlights so far! Also linked you up so you best repay that favour! :)


jen said...

Hi, the website evryone uses to pair outfits is called Polyvore. Here is a link to the site:

Have fun!

Kate said...

Love hearing all about your NYC adventures :)

mint juleps and magnolias said...

I'm sure you looked lovely!

I use Polyvore to chart my "looks"; it's very intuitive and easy-to-use!