Thursday, June 18, 2009

Reasons I Love New York City!

1.) People, People, People!
-There are people everywhere! I could trip and fall and id either a. be crowd surfing, or b. id bust my butt but the "whole town" wont be talking about it for weeks, because in this wonderful city bigger and better things are happening everywhere, and nobody is narcissistic! I rarely see the same person twice, unless I want to, or we are on the same train in the morning! Everybody here always looks so important. Walking to work is like a maze of brooks brothers, and Prada with all of these beautiful people! From Donald Trump, to the homeless man playing his guitar in the subway, everyone is noticed, and acknowledged in their own beautiful way! Its like a world of important people, no matter what they do! The people in this city are what I love most, so much understood respect for everyone!

2.) Everything delivers
-When we moved in, our RA told us "you could call K-Mart on 34th and have them deliver something as petty as a pack of "Peppermint Orbit Gum" in a matter of minutes!" I didnt do gum, but i've had food, shelves, and everything else you could think of delivered! Truthfully, everything is right at your fingertips, and just a phone call away in this city! This city is so cluttered with everything going on, delivery is essential! Also, many times its free! I love it! Some apartment buildings even have a grocery service!

3.) Close Quarters Everywhere!
-People here are a lot friendlier than people outside of New York assume. I used to be one of those people. Rather it be in a restaurant, or an apartment building, people are cramped side by side! I can hear everything the table next to me is talking about if I am out to dinner, and they can hear me! Regardless, people just focus on who they're with. Its wild! I think people are more like a big family here than anywhere else that I have ever been. Its not so much the "I care about you, how are you family" but more so the "i'm doing my own thing, and ill let you do yours" type of family. If I ever need directions, somebody will help me! Although, some people are pushy, especially on the subway, it is so interesting to me how people conduct themselves in a good way! Its not said, but its there, everyone here respects each other whether they see it or not. Nobody has been stabbled, kicked, or yelled at on the subway since I have been here, and that is so neat to me that so many different types of people live here in such close quarters, and yet we are all quiet but respectful of that person. Everyone can survive here with no judgment! Its awesome!

4.) Because there's always a "Happy Hour" somewhere!
-There's always a bar in every part of New York where I can find a "Happy Hour" any time of the day or night! I love that! Also, there are so many bars here to choose from, I may never even hit the same one twice, unless I find one I absolutely love!

5.) There's always something to do!
-Hence the charity cruise! I don't have to make arrangements months in advance to go to fun events! Also, I can just go walk up and down the street, and see more then I would ever see back home in a month! There is so much culture, and so many places to go. It will never, ever get old! Its amazing how everything is at my fingertips, all I have to do is show up! This is what living is.

6.) Everyone is equal!
-Nobody cares the color of your skin, hair, eyes, ect. Everyone is an equal in this city. It has really opened my eyes, and made me appreciate diversity much more! Everybody has so much to offer here, I love it!

7.) The Subway Art
-I love the tile art in the Subway for all of the different streets. Its so amazing to me, and nobody tears it up! That was even more amazing to me!

8.) Convenience
-Seriously! I have a supermarket, a subway, a post office, 24-hour mini marts, and restaurants all within a one block radius of my doorstep. That’s golden.

9.) "If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere!"
-I mean really! Its so true! It gives me a new sense of confi
dence living in this city! Its never a dull moment!

10.) Because riding the F train is like taking courses in Anthropology, Philosophy, Theology, Health, and Human Sexuality, Sociology.

Here are some pictures from my tour of St. Patrick's Cathedral, and other sightseeing adventures!

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QueenBeeSwain said...

cannot imagine how much fun you must be having- you totally made me fall in love with NYC with this post!

gulp it all up and thank you for keeping on sharing with us. I am serious and this isn't the first, nor the last time I'm going to say to you that you need to write a book based/inspired by your summer. seriously- what an adventure you are having- just the sort of thing that many dream about but few are lucky enough to have the opportunity AND the gumption (like you) to go ahead and make it happen!