Thursday, June 18, 2009

My Heart Belongs in New York City!

Hey girls!

Oh wow, the last few days have been so busy! I am just now catching up on days of missed blogging! I want to make sure I remember so much of this!

If i've said it once, i've said it 1,000 times,

So, a few nights ago, everyone met in the hotel bar again to catch up on stories! So much fun!! My friend CJ from the charity cruise came out as well! SO excited to see him, he is a great person all around! A little later on, A called and so CJ, K, and I all went to Lower East Village for dinner. We went to a cute place in the village! After dinner, everyone from the hotel was calling saying they were at a karaoke bar! Before I was ready for that, I needed a few more drinks! Also, it was fun for the 4 of us to be at dinner, just getting to know each other better! I begged A to take K, and CJ to that Chinese bar I mentioned in an earlier post! I seriously love the bartender there, he takes really good care of us. Luckily, A gave in, and we went!! I, of course got the lemonade again, and everyone else tried it too! CJ actually got bourbon on the rocks, and the ice cube they put in there was gigantic! I will have to post a picture! Trust me, it WAS more interesting than it sounds haha!

After that, we decided to go meet everyone at the karaoke bar. Of course right when I got there, my friend M had already requested "Don't Stop Believin!" (Glee version) YIKES!
I got up there after a little bit of practice in the cab on the way, I had so much confidence, I WAS READY! Oh, it was real pretty! Neither of us are really great singers, but its still fun! We just belted it out, and then of course our crazy friends started to join in! Some of them got so into it, it was hysterical.

Last night, I was just going to go to bed early because, and this is so sketch, but I swear I think my wisdom teeth are actually coming in, well one of them anyways! I can feel it, so im just gonna regress back to being a 1 year old and get a teething ring if this pain keeps up! I keep trying to chew a lot of gum, but I think that's actually making it quite a bit worse! One of my friends told me to rub whiskey to numb my gums, and I don't hate that idea!
So, Last night, I didnt get to bed like I had planned, because A called and we went and had much fun as always!
He called on the way in from work, and said to meet at 9:30. I was really tired and not wanting to go at first, but I am so glad I did! We always have the best talks, and hes hilarious! I am so glad I have gotten to meet him!
It was so much fun, as always!
He is actually going to Scotland all next week, so sadly, that was the last time ill see him for a while.
Everytime that I leave from the hotel to meet him, the same sweet bellhop is always working! He always helps me get a cab, and makes sure to tell the driver exactly where I am going. I know that's his job, but he does it so well!
He always is so polite, and always makes me say "Y'all" before I leave! Too funny! He thought I was from Texas at first, and its so funny because back home, in NC, my accent is lighter than most!
I dont know what it is, but everyone her is in awe at the word "y'all!"
Once I was in the cab, I was in SHOCK! I said a quick little prayer because, my driver was quite the character! It was too funny! He had a bluetooth in one ear, and was just to yelling at someone. Then in the other ear, he had an iPod ear phone, and in one hand he had some kind of drink (praying it was diet coke, and not rum and coke), and then luckily, (with the exception of when he used his knee to drive) his other hand was on the wheel! It was an adventure to say the least, but thats half the fun of taking a cab! The cab is always a quick trip, and every driver usually has their own way of going, so I see new stuff every time!

Once I finally got there, "A" and I decided to walk down a different street than we usually do, and see what restaurants we could find. We found the CUTEST places! Some of them were so crowded, so we just made a mental note to go back! One place was so so so Southern looking! It absolutely made my night to see this cute little restaurant surrounded by a white picket fence, and flowers everywhere! AHH, absolute Heaven! Unfortunately, it was too crowded to eat there.
We kept walking, and found this adorable restaurant about a mile up. The decor was awesome, it was dim lighting, and old wooden tables with flowers on the table. Absolutely beautiful! I think a restaurants atmosphere is such a big part of the whole experience!
Since we went with red wine last time, we decided to order this wonderful white wine and switch it up! It was so good, really cold, and cold wine is always better to me!
This was funny!
So, im sitting, gazing at the cheesecake that the big fella across the room is eating wishing I had ordered that, and also wondering how in the world he was going to eat it all! Then, I looked at him, and Free Willy clearly knew his way around a birthday cake! He was scarfing down the cake, with his bottle of wine, and all of the sudden, the unthinkable happened! I heard a CRASH! I looked up, and just spit Teramisu everywhere! Why? Because Free Willys chair broke and collapsed from underneath him! AHHHHH!!! The leg of his chair, literally fell off! It reminded me of "Shallow Hal"
I would just die if that ever happened to me! Well if I was morbidly obease and that happened to me, the poor guy just laid there and waited for 3 waiters, which turned to 5, to pick him up and it was really sad, but come on...your laughing too!

The restaurants main focus was on the Wine and Dessert, so needless to say we split this great Tiramisu!
It was truly the best Tiramisu I have EVER put in my mouth! So good!

Tonight is going to be great! Lauren Conrad's book signing is the event of choice with my PR firm! I am really excited! I have heard a good bit about her new book, and although I may never get around to reading it, it is so much fun to meet celebrities! My British friend, "T" is begging me to get her to sign something for him! He is madly in love with LC, and it is too funny! I may just take him with me so he can meet her, I swear I think he would pass out!

After that, the girls and I are taking my adorable boss out for drinks! I cant wait, it is going to be so much fun! She is one of the nicest, most optimistic people I have ever met! We just found out she has a law degree. Honestly, I feel like she is a very interesting person, in a good way, because she has done so much stuff, and its kind of inspirational! We are all really anxious to hear her story!

Heres some pictures from the past few nights! ---> The Ice Cube!

Have a great Thursday!


KK said...

You really should call and speak with the manager. That is just unacceptable and I would hope the manager would at the very least make sure it never happens again.

Preppy 101 said...

Have a great weekend!! If you do get the Late Show internship, please tell Letterman to get off the back of the Republican party ;-) I used to watch him all the time, but he got so psycho over hating George Bush, et al. that I quit watching him ;-) xoxo

Anonymous said...

What a grreat time!
Cute pictures!